How to Sell

How to Sell

JGM can meet your auction needs, whether you want to sell one item or hold a complete liquidation auction at the site of your business.  Please contact us if you are interested in consigning an item at an upcoming auction – we invite you to contact us about consigning any item, whether the item is large or small.

Why Sell with JGM?

a.    Hassle-Free

JGM handles everything.  This includes, but is not limited to, the organizing and cleaning of your specific item to ensure you receive a maximum return.  For entire businesses, JGM prepares your site, including cleaning and organizing your site and items so that all of your items are presented and displayed in the best light for potential bidders.  JGM has been recognized by the National Auctioneers Association for its marketing and advertising of auctions.  JGM’s marketing department targets industry specific buyers for your single item or entire business. JGM creates a specific marketing plan for each auction to target new and existing customers. JGM has the competitive advantage, as JGM targets potential buyers nation-wide, including contacting potential buyers through its over 25,000 in-house email contact distribution list.

b.    Experience

Since 1970, JGM has conducted thousands of NO MINIMUM NO RESERVE auctions throughout the United States.  On average, JGM conducts over a 100 auctions a year.  Our past experience auctioning items and businesses from various different industries is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Most of our employees have been with JGM for over 20 years. We bring this past experience and wide range of industry specific knowledge and advertising to every auction ensuring your individual item and/or business auction is a success.

Auctions at Our Location or Yours:

We conduct 6 annual heavy equipment/consignment auctions at our 10 acre Kenmore, WA auction facility.
For more information about consigning an item at one of our 6 annual Kenmore, WA facility auctions, please contact:
Todd Meyers - or 206.799.1487.

If you are interested in auctioning a complete business at your location, please contact:

Tim Murphy -
Colin Murphy -

Alternatively, you can contact them by phone at 425.486.1246

"...I was amazed at how realistic your predictions were regarding auction results. In market conditions like they are I was not sure what to expect. Although as a seller we may never be happy with the number, you called it like you saw it. I do appreciate that.  Your staff is amazing. They handled the details with great care and had the knowledge to process even the items that had strings attached.  Again, Thank you! You made the decision to downsize a bit more tolerable than I thought possible."
- Tom Walrath Jr.,  Walrath Trucking