Online Only

Online Only Timed Auctions

The James G. Murphy Co. is excited to bring our customers a new way to buy or sell at auction with our new Online Only Timed Auctions platform!  These are timed auctions that give our customers the ability to bid from the comfort of their home or office.

How Registration Works

Our Timed Online Only auctions require a separate registration from our website. Separate registration allows us to confirm the terms for each auction with each bidder. Below are the instructions on how to register:

When the catalog is available, click on the AUCTION CATALOG highlight at the top of the auction preview page.
Click on login/new bidder button at the top of the page.
Click on "click here if you are a new bidder".
Enter email address when prompted.
A new window will pop up for you to complete your account information, such as creating a user id and selecting account options.
Once signed up, return to the auction and click on the "register to bid" button.
A terms window will pop up, accept the terms and confirm registration to begin bidding.

How Bidding Works

Timed Online Only bidding is the 7-day period of time when bidders can monitor the auctions and place live bids on items being offered. Bidders have the opportunity to place their maximum bid (the highest amount they are willing to bid at that time) on that item. The James G Murphy Co. and other bidders will not be able to see the maximum bid until it has been reached. The James G. Murphy Co. will not take absentee bids over the phone or via email, all bids must come through the Online bidding platform. In not accepting absentee bids, we are ensuring a fair auction by requiring each bidder to agree to the specific terms of each auction. In the case of a tie bid, precedence is given to the earliest bid.

When a bidder is outbid an email notification will be sent to the bidder allowing another bid to be placed.

Any bid that is placed in the last two minutes of the auction will extend the auction by up to two minutes. For example, if a bid is placed at 11:58AM and the auction is scheduled to end at 12PM, the auction will be extended until 12:02PM. This will continue to extend the end time as long as bids are being placed on that piece.

After the auction has concluded, an email notification will be sent out to the winning bidder with our contact and billing information.

"...I was amazed at how realistic your predictions were regarding auction results. In market conditions like they are I was not sure what to expect. Although as a seller we may never be happy with the number, you called it like you saw it. I do appreciate that.  Your staff is amazing. They handled the details with great care and had the knowledge to process even the items that had strings attached.  Again, Thank you! You made the decision to downsize a bit more tolerable than I thought possible."
- Tom Walrath Jr.,  Walrath Trucking